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Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

Jenni Lien is a Christian writer, artist and podcaster. She is the founder of The Yay Project, an online ministry that seeks to help women celebrate their God-given design and pursue their kingdom calling. The seeds for The Yay Project were planted in 2018, a year before launch, when Jenni felt God call her to lay down her goals for the year and wait on Him like Mary of Bethany. One day, during quiet time when she was struggling with identity and fear of rejection, He reminded her ‘You are you’ (Yay!) and so came the idea to write, draw, testify and encourage anyone that wants to listen (Psalm 66:16) of this truth.


Through The Yay Project, Jenni has had the joy of e-praising God with over 50,000 women all around the world, and is always overjoyed to connect so deeply through a shared love of Him. She also loves to testify through the You Are You podcast which has the same mission. When not serving on The Yay Project and You Are You podcast, she works in children’s book publishing and is a freelance food writer


After spending 10+ years working in publishing in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong), Jenni has recently moved back to Canada to pursue entrepreneurship. More info coming soon! 



Since launching in August 2019, Jenni has shared testimonies and digital art via The Yay Project's Instagram account almost daily. Posts include devotionals, poems, personal essays, prophetic encouragement, and more. Her prayer is that The Yay Project is a place where women can:


  • Come read and be REFRESHED!

  • Be reminded of how GREAT our God is

  • Grow more and more passionate to live for God 100% in ALL seasons

  • Discover, grow in, and become BOLD in God-given callings

  • Find community with God-loving women from all over the WORLD


The community has grown to over 35,000 on Instagram and 10,000 on Facebook. Top markets include the Philippines, India, Indonesia, the US and the UK. The top age range is 25–34 (46.8%) followed by 18–24 (34.5%) and 13–17 (5.2%).

She occasionally writes longer posts and shares testimonies of women pursuing their God-given callings on



Jenni is a self-taught artist. Before drawing, she invites God to provide ideas, images, words, even colours, and then enjoys the process of worshipping her Creator while creating. The Yay Project has a recognizable pastel colour palette and exudes a child-like simplicity and joy.


In 2020, Jenni was invited to design a greeting card collection with Christian stationery company Wildergeese, based in Melbourne, Australia. The 1 John Collection was released in May 2020; a limited reprint was released in June 2021.

Wildergeese The Yay Project Jenni Lien.p


You Are You podcast by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

You Are You podcast was launched in August 2020 and is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It aims to encourage listeners to embrace their God-given design, serve out their Kingdom calling, and, most of all, love God 100%. The podcast has reached 10,000+ listens and charted all around the world... including the top 10 in Apple Podcast's Christianity charts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Kuwait (where it hit #1!). 

Media & Events


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Community Feedback


"Your blog has been absolutely helpful and inspiring to me, as I found it at a time when I was going through some serious emotional wreckage. I had just come from an ungodly relationship with a man pursuing the Buddhist path and though he never challenged my faith, the relationship itself left me feeling scarred, used, and empty. I was distant from God and didn't know how to seek Him or where to even start. At the same time, I was also desperate for emotional healing and restoration. Reading your post about how to heal from trauma fast encouraged me to seek God humbly and persistently in my prayer life, even when at first I thought I didn't deserve any of His forgiveness. God truly does wonders when we are at the end of ourselves and have no other option but to surrender! So, thank you for this blog, and thank you for responding to God's call. You are helping lost sheep like me make their way back to their Shepherd."





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